MiCADO Application

Module for managing and representing applications in MiCADO

class micado.models.application.Application(client, id=None, info=None, resource=None)

Bases: micado.models.base.Model

Representation of an application deployed in MiCADO

The state of an application can be refreshed with reload()


Adaptor info for this application

class micado.models.application.Applications(client)

Bases: micado.models.base.Resource

Model for managing applications in MiCADO

Basic CRUD functionality is implemented here with create(), list()/get(), update() and delete()

create(app_id=None, **kwargs)

Creates a new application in MiCADO

  • app_id (string, optional) – Application ID. Generated if None.
  • adt (dict, optional) – YAML dict of Application Description Template. Required if URL is empty. Defaults to None.
  • url (string, optional) – URL of YAML ADT. Required if ADT is empty. Defaults to None.
  • params (dict, optional) – TOSCA input parameters. Defaults to {}.
  • dryrun (bool, optional) – Flag to skip execution of components. Defaults to False.


>>> client.applications.create(app_id="stresstest",
"stresstest created successfully"
Returns:ID and status of deployment
Return type:dict

Deletes an application in MiCADO given its ID.

Parameters:app_id (string) – Application ID to delete


>>> client.applications.delete("stresstest")
"stresstest deleted successfully"
Returns:ID and status of deletion
Return type:dict

Retrieves info on a specific application, given its ID

Parameters:app_id (string) – Application ID to fetch. Required


>>> my_app = client.applications.get("stresstest")
>>> my_app.id
>>> my_app.adaptors
{'KubernetesAdaptor': 'Executed', 'OccopusAdaptor': 'Skipped'}
Returns:Relevant information for a single application
Return type:Application object

Retrieves the available list of applications in MiCADO


>>> running_apps = client.applications.list()
>>> [app.id for app in running_apps]
Returns:Relevant info for all applications
Return type:list of Application objects

alias of Application